Gold Fish slot

Gold Fish Slot Review

Gold Fish online slots are a game by the legendary Williams Company. This game takes a simple idea and turns it into a fantastic slot experience. The game is themed around pet fish, or rather more specifically, aquariums. The game takes place on the bottom of one such aquarium. The game symbols all keep with the aquarium theme, with fish food, scoop nets and a variety of fish all featuring prominently in the games display.

Gold Fish is a 25 pay line, 5 reel slots game. The wager values for the in game coin currency is adjustable from $0.01 to $3. There are wild features as well as free spins and a selection of uniquely themed bonus rounds. These features, combined with the in game bonus multiplier, will guarantee that, if there is anything you will be flushing down the loo, it definitely won’t be your winnings.

The Random Fish Bowl Feature

One of Gold Fish slot many unique bonus features is the fish bowl bonus feature. Randomly while you are playing, you will see a fishbowl slide into view. Now any of the colourful fish that appear on the slot reels can decide to leap off the slots and splash into the fish bowl. Depending on the colour of the fish, there are a variety of rewards offered to players.

The Blue Fish

If players manage to get the blue fish to leap into the fish bowl, you will trigger a huge scatter feature. You will randomly be awarded either a single or triple spin. During these spins you won’t need to line up symbols in the pay lines, essentially all symbols become scatters and you simple need to have the set amount of symbols on screen to win.

The Green fish

The green fish will take you to a new screen where you will be presented with a fish tank. Here you can select one of a number of air bubbles that will reward you with a cash prize. One of the bubbles in the tank will trigger a special bonus that rewards you with all the bubbles.

The Red fish

Similarly, if the red fish leaps into the fish bowl you will be presented with three objects to choose from. A Castle, a clam or a treasure chest. Selecting one will reveal a random prize to the player.

The Purple fish

If the purple fish leaps into your fish bowl, it will blow three bubbles into the bowl. These three bubbles will each pop and reveal a figure that will be the Bonus multiplier you are awarded with.

The Gold Fish

If the Gold Fish from the game’s title makes the leap into the new bowl, it will present you with a selection of bubbles to choose from. Depending on which bubble you choose to pop, you can be awarded with between a 2x to a 10x multiplier.

The Fish Food Feature

The fish food feature in Gold Fish slot is triggered by the scatter symbols in game. If you get three fish food symbols, anywhere on the slot display, you will be taken to a new screen where you get to play a match game. Selecting three matching symbols from the fish food containers will reward you with cash prizes.