Turning Totems

Turning Totems – More Thunderkick Slots Innovation

Turning Totems is a digital slots game employing a Red Indian theme and using blocky, Lego-like characters. It once again demonstrates that gaming software developer Thunderkick may be a fairly young outfit, but it is gaining loyal fans by producing slots titles that have unique innovations. For example, although Turning Totems plays on five reels displaying three rows each, they do not move of form paylines the same way normal slots do.

The five Turning Totems reels are totem poles set against a desert backdrop, next to an Indian Chief who dances and sings to celebrate wins. Each totem pole displays three faces, one on top of the other, and instead of spinning vertically, each pole spins horizontally to reveal new faces, or sometimes blank panels. The symbols are all ritualistic representations of sacred totem animals, such as an Eagle, a Fish and a Lizard. Most players will find them easier to identify by their colours, which are all unique to the different icons.

No Paylines, with Variable Bets per Spin

In another innovation, Turning Totems uses no paylines at all. Players can adjust their total bets per spin through 14 variations from 0.10 to 250.00 in whatever currency is being played, and the prizes for different combinations listed on the paytable are given in set values, depending the amount being bet on each spin.

Without paylines, the game determines wins according to the total number of matching icons that show up in any position on any reels. Players require six matches or more to win a prize. However, if five identical icons result from a spin, they stick in place for a respin, giving the player another chance to score the win. The respins will continue until at least one matching icon appears to trigger the win, so players can turn near misses into actual winning combos. Combinations of 15 matching symbols cover all positions on all five reels, so these combinations win the biggest prizes.

Golden Snake the Only Special Symbol

Turning Totems does not feature a Wild or a Scatter, as both features are pointless, given the way in which wins are formed anywhere on the reels. However, it does include one special symbol; a gold Snake. If six or more Snakes appear on a spin, a shower of rain begins and the Chief runs up the mountain to award the player at least 12 free spins on five new totem poles. Every extra Snake above six that appears in the triggering spin increases the free spins total by 2, up to a maximum of 30.

A multiplier also features during free spins, indicated by lightning striking as the Chief does his rain dance, and the respin feature also remains. With each successive respin, the multiplier rises one level, until the maximum of X5. The multiplier is applied to the wins on the free spin.

Inwinity Spin Bonus Feature

Players can be awarded the Inwinity Bonus Feature only at the end of the free spins round. This feature gives the player unlimited free spins until they score a win, so it represents an extra free shot at a prize.